Qatar has been ranked as the world’s richest country in 2013 as per capital Declared by Forbes magazine.Qatar is a  third-largest natural gas reserves in the world. Qatar has an estimated gross domestic product per capital of $88, per March 2012 calculations.

Qatar is located east of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia, bordering the Persian Gulf, its capital is Doha, and has a population of 1.9 million peoples.

Highlights facts About Qatar

Qatar uses its oil wealth to fuel rapid growth and development. Qatar government dominates the country although foreign investment is encouraged and many small business exists. In the late 1980s, Qatar began to emphasize gas extraction and processing and also other industrial ventures. Qatar’s gross domestic product(GDP) totaled $42.5 billion in 2005! It GDP per capita was $52,239.70. More than 90 percent of Qatar’s labor force is still based on foreign origin.After the discovery of oil in Qatar, life in Qatar became totally different. The country became richer and life was getting better and better. Qatar started exporting oil to other countries and thus, their relationships became closer too. This became a very great benefit for Qatar. Soon, Qatar also created the liquefied natural gas and sold it to other countries.

  • Capital City is Doha.  Major towns: Mesaieed, Al Khor, Ras Laffan, Al Rayyan
  • Population of approx. 950,000, of which over 50% reside in Doha.
  • Qatar is a peninsula, approximately 100 miles long and 50 miles wide
  • The world’s second largest natural gas reserve.  Will be worlds largest LNG/GTL producer by 2010.
  • Major Industries: Oil production and refining, fertilizers, petrochemicals, steel, cement, financial services

World Richest country 2013

World Richest Country Qatar GDP

GDP (PPP) per capita: $88,228

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