Forbes magazine Declared Aliko Dangote is currently the richest man in Africa in 2013. He is a  billionaire from Nigeria, trading goods such as flour, sugar and Large  cement industries like Dangote Cement, is Whole Africa’s largest cement manufacturer, with operations in 14 African countries.Dangote is also African Continent Richest man for 2013 year also.

Richest man in africa 2013

Richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote Net worth

55 years old Aliko Dangote Net worth about  $12.2 billion his income source from cement, sugar, flour industries.

Aliko Dangote is Africa’s and Nigeria’s Richest Man as of 2013  according to Forbes Magazine with a net worth.

About Dangote Companies
Flour Division
The factory has two flour mills with a daily production capacity of about 250 Mt. each, which is 500 Mt. per day. The total capacity is 180,000 Mt. per year. The plant is located inside Apapa port, Lagos. The design of the factory and machinery was supplied by Buhler, Switzerland, with a raw materials storage capacity of 21,000 mt. The flour is offered to the market in 50 kg and 25 kg bags, or smaller packages. One of the production lines is designed to produce semolina, a raw material supplied to the pasta production or
bread flour. Total investment is about $15 million. The market is primarily Nigeria, with potentials to other West African countries. The yearly projected turnover is N6 billion.
Salt Division
The salt division consists of two factories. The first factory has been in operation since 1998, and is at Apapa Port, Lagos. It has four production lines, and a yearly capacity of about 400,000 mt. Storage capacity for raw materials is about 15,000 mt. in a flat silo storage. The second factory started operation in 1999, at Calabar port, Cross River state. The factory has two production lines, and a yearly capacity of about 200,000 mt. Storage capacity for raw materials is about 10,000 mt. in a flat silo storage. Total
investment is about $4.5 million for the two factories.
Cement Division
The factory started operation in 1999 inside Apapa port, with production lines to supply cement in 50 kg and 100 kg bags. Total yearly capacity is about 750,000 mt. The yearly turnover is N5 billion. According to
the company, it is because of its involvement in the Cement business that made it to indicate interest in Benue Cement Company

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