World notable player Tiger Woods Declared Most Richest Sports man within the World in 2013 in keeping with his net worth value of $110 million declared by Forbes magazine.Recently he awarded Highest paid contestant within the world for Last consecutive 2 years

Top10 Highest Paid Sports men

Richest man in sports 2013

Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods was born on December 30, 1975, in Cypress,California. He is a fantastic player and has broken many world records through his career. He has been playing golf since he was one year old. As soon as he could stand up on his own, Tiger’s parents introduced their only child to the game of golf.

In 1990, aged 15, he became the youngest ever U.S. Junior Amateur Champion. There were dozens of records and victories in between. In 1994, Woods became the youngest ever winner of the U.S. Amateur Championship.

His career is jam-packed with spectacular records. He’s the youngest player to win the North American nation Open and therefore the youngest and quickest to win fifty tournaments.It looks doubtless he’ll break a lot of records.

Tiger and his father have created the Tiger Woods Foundation, which provides people from minority groups with participation in golf and other golf related activities. This foundation has always fully supported the World Golf Foundation.

Stats of top five Highest paid athletes

  1. Tiger Woods (golf) — $78.1 million
  2. Roger Federer (tennis) — $71.5 million
  3. Kobe Bryant (basketball) — $61.9 million
  4. LeBron James (basketball) — $59.8 million
  5. Drew Brees (football) — $51 million


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