Forbes 2013 magazine has been released richest persons in usa in 2013, according to the magazine 70% of the top 10 richest people in United States are self-made billionaires.Check out latest list of top 10 richest persons list below

Forbes top 10 Richest People in America 2013

1.Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Billgates is current richest man in USA with $68 billions net worth with all sources of income.He dropped out Student  of Harvard University to start his first company along with his child hood  friend Paul Allen and this led to the birth of Microsoft Corporation.

Richest man in usa

Net Worth:$68 billions
Source of Wealth: Microsoft, self-made , Age: 56

2.Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet is the second richest man in United States. He occupies the third Rank on the list of wealthiest people in the world according to forbes.

richest fellow in usa

Net Worth:$47 billions –

self-made , Age: 82

3.Larry Ellison

Oracle company Co- founder Ellison is a one of successful businessman it becomes richest man in America.With a net worth of thirty $41 billion US Dollars, he is third ranked in this list of richest people in USA. He is also the sixth richest man in the world 2013 rankings

richest man usa for 2013


Net Worth:$41 billion –
Source of Wealth: Oracle, Age: 68

4.Charles Kochrichest americans 2013 forbes


Net Worth:$31 billions
Source of Wealth: Diversified, Age: 76,

5.David Koch 

top 10 usa richest persons

Net Worth:$31 billion –
Source of Wealth: Diversified , Age: 71

6.Christy Walton & familyShe is widow of Sam Walton.Christy Walton is daughter-in-law of deceased Sam Walton. Sam Walton was the founder of biggest retail Wal-Mart.

forbes richest women in usa

Net Worth:$27.9 billions
Source of Wealth: Walmart, Age: 57 ,

7.Jim Walton 

richest americans 2013

Net Worth:$26.8 billions
Source of Wealth: Walmart, inherited , Age: 64

8.Alice Walton 

richest womens in amereica 2013

Net Worth:$26.3 billions
Source of Wealth: Walmart, inherited , Age: 62

9.R. Robson Walton 

Richest person in america

Net Worth:$26.1 billions
Source of Wealth: Walmart, inherited , Age: 68

10. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Rubens Bloomberg is an American business Tycoon and politician . He is  current Mayor of New York City and owner of famous American financial magazine Bloomberg


Richest man in usa 2013Net Worth:$25 billion
Source of Wealth: Bloomberg LP, self-made , Age: 70


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