David Thomson is a Richest man in Canada for 2013, His  net worth of $17.8 billion as of Feb 2013, according to Famous magazine Forbes.Thomson is a  Chairman of the Thomson Reuters corporation who has a net worth of $23 billion.

David Thomson& family income source from Media and also His family is the richest in Canada and he is the 20th richest person in the world.

According to Forbes Magazine, David Thomson the third Baron Thomson of Fleet is Canada’s richest man—and the 17th richest in the world—with an approximate net worth of $23-billion.The Thomson media empire began back in 1934 when David’s late grandfather Roy Thomson bought his first Canadian newspaper—the Timmins Press. Over the next several decades, the Thomson Corporation acquired dozens of daily newspapers and communications operations and played a major role in the development of print media.

Today, David Thomson is the head of Canada’s longest media dynasty, operating Wood bridge Company Limited and owning a controlling share in media outlets like The Globe and Mail. In April of 2008, the Thomson Corporation aquired Reuters Group PLC for a total of $17.6-billion. Now known as the Thomson-Reuters Corporation, the resulting firm is one of the world’s leaders in the electronic information-services market, rivalling other media giants like Bloomberg L.P

Richest Canadian David Thomson info

Richest man in Canada


David Thomson & family  Net worth $17.8 billion

  • Income source:media
  • Residence:Toronto
  • Age: 55years
  • Marital status- Divorced, 4 children


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