Almost all the people around the World Developing through Perfect utilization of natural and artificial sources like Agriculture,Technology,Tourism and Education sectors so far.Richest countries are become more rich sustainability increasing of income sources and per capita,But some countries through out from development and they are very low level of standard of living. mostly Now African countries are world’s poorest countries in 2013 according to WHO and UNO By calculating Their GDP and income Per capita.Citizens of such poorest countries need to put great efforts for satisfying their basic Primary needs like food, clothes, shelter, etc.


poorest countries

The situation of these Poor countries is worse due to corruption, improper functioning of government, Population, unemployment, improper legal system, poor health care facilities, poor level of education and Cold war in groups etc.

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1.Congo, Africa

poor countries in 2013
GDP per capita $347

Congo is located in Africa continent this country is a World poorest country in 2013 with only $347 per capita its very low as well as richest countries.


2. Zimbabwe, Africa
GDP per capita $416:

Real gross domestic product (GDP) growth decelerated to 6.8% in 2011, from 9.0% in 2010 and is projected to decelerate further to 4.4% in 2012, before improving to 5.5% in 2013


3. Liberia, Africa
GDP per capita $431


4. Niger, Africa

The compilation of Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) is carried out using the three approaches namely, output, income and expenditure
Methods presently Niger GDP per capita is $475


5. Burundi, Africa

A small landlocked nation in East Africa, Burundi has an area of 10,745 square miles (27,830 square kilometers), which is roughly the size of Massachusetts.Years of civil war combined with the nation’s limited resources have made Burundi one of the poorest countries in the world. Burundi relies heavily on foreign aid, and the vast majority of people are subsistence farmers.

GDP per capita $730


6. Central African Republic, Africa
GDP per capita $774


7. Eritrea, Africa
GDP per capita $795


8. Sierra Leone, Africa

Sierra Leone is located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa and is bordered by Guinea and Liberia. The country is famous for its rich mineral resources, particularly raw diamonds.Sierra Leone’s population is approximately six million. The average life expectancy is 41 years, one of the lowest in the world. An estimated 44.8 percent of the population are aged 14 years and under, and the median age is 17.4 years (the median age in Australia is much higher at 36.9 years). Living conditions for Sierra Leoneans remain poor however, with around 65 percent of people relying on subsistence farming or fishing. Poverty is endemic and around 75 per cent of the population live on less than $2 a day.

GDP per capita $845


9. Malawi, Africa
GDP per capita $850


10. Togo, Africa
GDP per capita $890

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