Richest countries list for 2013 according to highest per capital income basis here is a top 10 richest and Wealthiest  countries list for 2013 year source to Forbes magazine. in this list Qatar occupy No1 place.Latest update on 17th june,2013

Richest countries 2013

The Gross Domestic Product(GDP) measures the total value, calculated in dollars, of all final production in a country. It can be calculated in three ways: by adding up income and profits received from production of goods and services.

Highlights of this article:

  • Qatar is a richest Country in the world and Gulf
  • Luxembourg is a richest country in europe
  • Singapore and Kuwait are richest countries from asia

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Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

Country Capital Currency GDP (Per Capita $)


Continent: Asia

Doha Qatari Riyal 102,768.60


Continent: Europe

Luxembourg Euro 80,679.06


Continent: Asia

Singapore Singapore Dollar 60,883.33


Continent: Europe

Oslo Norwegian Krone 55,264.45
5.Hong Kong SAR

Continent: Asia

Hong Kong Dollar 50,708.95
Continent: Asia
Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Dollar 50,526.35

7.United States

Continent: North America

Washington DC US Dollar 49,802.15

8.United Arab Emirates

Continent: Asia


Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Dirham 48,992.47



Berne Swiss Frac 45,285.8


Continent: Asia

Kuwait City Kuwaiti Dinar 43,846.72

Source : The International Monetary Fund(IMF)

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