Who is the richest woman in the world? lot of people have this questions in their minds. Forbes Magazine released the 2013 list of billionaires,Watch Latest World Top10 Richest women 2013 and top women Women Billionaires list for 2013.

Liliane Bettencourt & family is a richest women of the world for 2013 with $30 billions net worth.Watch below list wealthiest women’s in the world.

List of Richest Women in the World 2013

 Richest Woman Name
 Net Worth

Liliane Bettencourt & family

world richest women2\

88 year old Liliane is the principal shareholder of L’Oreal and the richest woman in Europe.Today L’Oreal has under its umbrella 23 brands including MaybellineAge: 90

Source of wealth: L’Oreal

$30 billion USA
 2 Christy Walton & familyrichest women 2013

Christy Walton is ranked second richest woman in the world and the wealthiest woman in the United States $28.5 Bn Networth. After her husband’s, John Waltons death she is Head of all companies.Her Business is  in solar panel manufacturer, First Solar, pushed her wealth ahead of the rest of the Walton family.

Age: 58

Source of wealth: Wal-Mart

$28.5 Billions France
 3  Alice WaltonWorld top richest womens

63 years old walton  She has served as vice chairman and head of investments at the Walton family owned bank.She ranked third richest women in world

Source : Wal-Mart, United States

$26.3 Billions USA
 4  Iris Fontbana and Family

World 10 richest womens

Source : Mining, Chile

$17.4 Billions Chile
 5  Susanne Klatten


world richest women


Source: BMW, pharmaceuticals, Germany

$16.6 Billions Germany
 6 Birgit Rausing 

women richest 2013


Source; Packaging, Sweden 

$15.5 Billions Sweden
 7  Anne Cox Chambers



Richest womens for 2013


Source: Cox Enterprises, United States

$14.4 Billions USA
 8 Savitri Jindal


 india richest women 2013

She is a chairmain Jindal steels from india. she is ranked top 10 richest womens in the world and also she is only and richest women in india

Source : Jindal Steels, India

$14.2 Billions India
 9 Abigail Johnson

Richest women 2013-2

Source: Fidelity, United States

$13.3Billions USA
 10  Jacqueline Mars




Richest womens 2013 world



Source:Candy, Pet food, United States

$12 Billions USA


Richest man in the world 2013

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