Mexico telecom Legend carlos slim helu &family  has been ranked by Forbes as the richest person in the world from Lat three Years.World’s Richest man 2013 and Richest Person according to forbes Magazine.His net worth about $69 billions sourced from telecom business.

Helu Present chairman and chief executive(CEO) of telecommunications companies Telmex and America Movil.

Carlos Slim’s investments and business deals worldwide span a wide range of industries including telecommunications (telephone, Internet, cable providers), banking and finance, insurance, news media, marketing, industrial supplies, retail (including food retail), real estate and
management, tobacco, oil and gas, mining, construction and infrastructure development, transportation, energy, sports, education, hospitality,medical services, and others.
He has a amass an empire of 222 companies around the world employing an estimated 250,000 people with combined annual
revenues topping $486 billion.The size of this empire is so extensive that Slim is hesitant to confirm the number people his companies employ. One puzzling factor is that this wealth has been accumulated by a man who retains relative anonymity outside the world of financial
observers and the geographic areas of Mexico and Latin America. Unlike Bill Gates, Slim is not associated with a single product or corporation, so how has the world’s richest person been able to generate such astounding wealth and power without broader public scrutiny?

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Richest Man carlos slim helu Wiki-Profile

Carlos Slim helu family

Carlos Born on January 28, 1940 His Nationality is Mexico City.He is a bachelor Graduate From from Mexico University.Carlos wife Soumaya Domit Gemayel died in 1999. his marital status is widowed.

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